Meeting announcement: The left case against vaccine passports, 13th November

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The government is gearing up for a “Plan B” in which openly discriminatory vaccine passports are forced on the country – bringing us into line with much of Europe.

Popular resistance is fierce and growing. But what about the opposition from was once known as the left? Although the Liberal Democrats have publicly stated they would vote against vaccine passports for being discriminatory and a fringe anti passport meeting was held at the Labour Party conference, the left so far appear to have failed to mobilise a large and robust movement against the very real threat of the UK joining 14 plus European countries in ushering in medical tyranny. 

After a successful first meeting, which brought together 40 attendees determined to mobilise against lockdowns and vaccine mandates on a radical left wing platform, Left Lockdown Sceptics is holding its second meeting on 13th November in London.

The event will take place from 10am – 5pm. 

The morning will be a panel session and Q&A with active campaigners in the freedom movement. Speakers will address the next steps for the fight against vaccine passports, as well as topics like the group psychology of vaccine mandate compliance and parallel experiences of resistance against authoritarian regimes.

The afternoon will be dedicated to discussions of how to organise against vaccine passports. 

We expect it to include:

  • Working within and around the trade unions to fight vaccine passports
  • Bringing more of the left out of hiding in its opposition to the biosecurity state
  • Organising Left Lockdown Sceptics as a political group within the wider anti-lockdown anti-vaccine pass moment

To register, please email:

Venue details will be given out to those who register and share a short written introduction in advance. Due to the hostile environment for active campaigners in the freedom movement amongst the so-called left, some precautions are necessary at this stage.


Saturday 13th November


London. Venue details confirmed upon registration

How much?

£5 – £10 donations on the door (less if you can’t afford it, more if you can) 

How to register?

You must email to register and receive venue details

8 thoughts on “Meeting announcement: The left case against vaccine passports, 13th November

  1. A meeting Up North would be nice!

    Another discussion bullet point could examine and disavow the example set by the Morning Star, the only Socialist daily newspaper in the English-speaking world. Quite how it came to be run by a bunch of Maoists is a matter for discussion on its own, but as big fans of Authoritarianism they haven’t been slow to spot the possibilities and approve our China-inspired use of Lockdowns as a legitimate public health measure. It is of course also banging the drum for vaccines, masks and persecution of sceptics like us. This type of Communist on our (further) left is a cancer in urgent need of removal, not to mention just as much of a parasite on the Socialist body politic as Blairites are on the right.

    1. Hi Tim, yes sorry about the London focus for now. However we’ve had one meeting in Leeds already and we’re planning another meeting up north (in Manchester) soon. Can I get your telegram details as an email to and I’ll add you to our northern group?

  2. I would be interested in the Manchester meeting as well. I’ve not used Telegam – can it be opened on a laptop because I dont have a smart phone? If it’s only for smart phones will you be communicating through other routes as well? Many thanks

  3. I am far left in Manchester; libertarian communist/ “anarchist” [for decades]

    The “Revolutionary left” have all gone all in with totalitarianism, including the Anarchists it seems.

    Personally I think it is a natural home for all the Bolsheviks.

    But I do have one lockdown sceptic friend left who is ex Trot.

    I have been going to several lockdown sceptic meetings in Manchester.

    Far left and ex far left are as rare as hen’s teeth even if you include the reformists and Corbynista’s .

    They organise around iphone telegram app type stuff so I have to find out about it from a friend.

    I am a scientist who not wanting to be a digitalised human stays off grid as much as possible; although the deep state has my name.

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