March for Freedom, London 24th April 2021

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Yesterday was the March for Freedom in central London, following on from the one last month in London and Manchester. As a trade unionist and socialist I have been on many demonstrations in my time but this was the largest I’ve ever seen or participated in, with estimates of around 500,000 seeming very credible. London was completely brought to a standstill.

I met up with fellow Left Lockdown Sceptic supporters to distribute our newly printed “business cards” and generally engage with people on this spectacular sunny day.

I spoke to parents who were concerned about their childrens’ welfare, the authoritarian enforcement of masks and distancing in schools by teachers and the looming threat of the dangerous experimental gene-based injections being shot into kids arms.

I met a young Asian woman who was a Labour voter and found it difficult that her other Labour-supporting, Guardian-reading friends were completely on board with the covid-fascist agenda. She thanked me for the card and said she would pass it on to her friends to help demonstrate that there were socialists opposed to lockdown and medical mandates.

I also met people who already followed the website, including Andy Lambeth who very kindly gave me a copy of his book ‘The King of Zard’, a poetic fairy tale aimed at a younger audience that satirizes the government’s covid response. It’s available for online purchase here.

Various organisations were present, such as the UK Medical Freedom Alliance, the Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART) group and the Freedom Alliance who are standing candidates in the coming local elections.

The overall atmosphere of the march was more like a festival or free party, bringing disparate groups of people together and uniting under a common theme and platform. I met people who traveled from Essex, Hull, Bristol, Scotland and all over the country. Unfortunately, the proposed rally point of Trafalgar Square was deliberately blocked so their were no speeches, and after many hours of walking through central London the march returned to the starting point at Hyde Park.

Unlike last month’s demonstration, the police played a very low-key role, with only two arrests reported. Whilst the vans of the Territorial Support Group littered the side roads, in practice it was a no-show from these psychopaths until later in the evening when a pseudo-rave broke out on Hyde Park common. Suffice to say the police were put back in their place by the hundreds of young people wanting to actually have a life and enjoy themselves for the first time in nearly a year.

Naturally the lamestream media mostly failed to cover this huge demonstration, and when they did it was denounced as a rally of a few thousand covidiots and Q-Anon conspiracy theorists.

The fake-left have also been all over social media shilling for the bourgeoisie in the last 24 hours and knocking out their usual denunciations of working class people as fascists, idiots, illiterates and, in one instance reminiscent of Monthy Python’s Four Yorkshiremen sketch, not being “poor enough” because they can afford a train ticket into London.

Having said nothing about previous demonstrations when covid cases and deaths were higher than they are now, such as the massive crowds at the Sarah Everard vigil on the 13th March or the Kill the Bill riots in Bristol, the frothing-at-the-mouth virtue-signalling blue heart brigade can barely conceal their contempt for the common people of this country wanting their basic human rights back.

These covid-cultists masquerading as socialists were howling at the prospect of children returning to schools only a few months ago, for example this garbage from Counterfire: “Fully re-opening schools on March 8 is dangerous and risks another increase in infections and deaths, argues David McAllister”. They’ve gone rather quiet on that front now.

In reality, cases and deaths have plummeted because we’ve left the respiratory virus season known as winter. But hey, who needs facts when you have the backing of the bourgeois state? When cowards flinch and traitors sneer, we’ll keep the red flag flying here.

37 thoughts on “March for Freedom, London 24th April 2021

  1. Cases and deaths have plummeted because of the lockdown and the mass vaccination programme…there, fixed it for you!

        1. But didn’t Professor Whitty admit before a Parliamentary Committee last July that the initial peak was already receding before the first lockdown was imposed? Lockdowns have been shown by real world evidence (as opposed to computer modelling or reading the tea-leaves) to have no statistical correlation to the severity of covid outbreaks.

          1. That’s complete and utter balls but you Covid-denying, anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorists have a complete disregard for the facts in your DNA.

          2. The cult of truth, science and reality….you and yours are the ones shunned and held in contempt by civil society

          3. What does the term “civil society” even mean when society was financialised quite some time ago? The class who sold off bit by bit the only thing you can depend upon (and who shat on the earth for profit) are the same class who now effectively controls all of the mainstream ways you receive your knowledge and understanding of the world.

            I find it archaic when people talk about “civil society” when there’s nothing of the sort left except for the illusion of such held to by those few hanging on to whatever bit of ledge they happen to be perched on that hasnt crumbled yet.

          4. I see what you’re doing there. Agreeing with Thatcher that there is no such thing as society allows you to behaving selfishly and sociopathically. Then you don’t have to confront your conscience and face the fact that you are now on the extreme right. Don’t worry. Many others, unfortunately, have made the same journey… for example, the former Revolutionary Communist Party member Clair Fox, now ‘Claire Regina Fox, Baroness Fox of Buckley’ – how very left of her!!!

    1. I’m a retired nurse, I trained at Withington hospital, worked at Duchess of York Children’s hospital and Royal Manchester Children’s hospital in my years nursing. I have spoken to nurses and health care workers who are still in the system, the NHS doesn’t belong to us at all, the government now have the right CEO’s in place in Trusts. Nurses can’t speak out. One clinical practitioner has told me they will not be experimented on, there are some who work at the local hospital who do not want the vaccine, one staff nurse who was taking my blood told me they are leaving to deliver post, two older nurses at the GP’s practice have just said they can’t wait to retire. There is something going on and if you can’t see it then you’re not looking. As a nurse I can’t believe that doctors and nurses are administering medical interventions that don’t finish trials until 2023. I was contacted by my MP to see if I would administer vaccines, and I just said I wouldn’t be happy giving a vaccine that I wasn’t happy about having myself. I know people who are not medically trained but who were also contacted to give vaccines. A lot of the people administering them aren’t trained, that’s how they’ve been able to plough ahead with the rollout. Gove is in Israel looking how to implement the Israeli scheme of covid passports, when they said all along that would be ‘un British’.

      1. Bring on the Covid passport ASAP!

        Re vaccines, if you neither believe nor understand the science I am happy that you no longer work in the NHS. You would have been a danger to the public doing so.

        The vaccine roll-out has been an astonighing success. That must annoy you so much!

    2. The WHO prior to 2020 expressly condemned lockdowns as a method of controlling a pandemic. They were not an acceptable public health measure. Instead, the commonly held consensus was to isolate the sick and vulnerable and let others go about their business.

      Weirdly, they stopped promoting this on their site until they suddenly started doing so again either late last year or early this year.

      public health practitioners understood that you must take a society-wide broad approach to managing a pandemic, unlike the bureaucratic society-as-spreadsheet totalitarian crap that’s been masquerading as public health now we live in a corporatocracy.

      It’s really way too easy to convince people to argue for their own servitude.

      1. Source?

        Saying things doesn’t make them true, particularly from paranoid conspiracy theorists such as yourself.

  2. First let me say that we would not agree politically, but I agree with this article. I came from the Black Country to attend the March, I saw a huge variety of people, both in age and social background. I have no idea how many were on the March but I do know we *filled* Oxford St from end to end, covering the entire carriageway and spilling out onto the pavement. The cognitive dissonance caused to the mask wearing shoppers was huge.

    1. What “cognitive dissonance” to shoppers? You mean shouting at them not to wear masks?

      Btw, re “filling Oxford St from end to end”, shoppers – yes, those same mask wearers – do that every single day.

  3. Great piece, was a pleasure to meet you, and was interesting what you said about India, i’ll find the piece on the Indian farmers and their plight with Gates, I managed to get right back to hyde park, in total 17 miles, got back to sunny Bridlington at 8.00 pm last night, Ill be back down with my daughters for the next one, respect to everyone for such a great turnout.

  4. Good to see such a crowd of cheerful and defiant people. The momentum towards bringing our society back to normality must prevail!

  5. It was great to see such a mix of people from all walks of life. I’d been worried about right-wing trouble-makers but it just wasn’t like that at all. Of course there will be the usual silliness about how we’ll all be on ventilators by next week (or how we shouldn’t be allowed NHS treatment?! Not bothered myself seeing as I and everyone I know has had Covid and hardly noticed!) but it was good to know that so many of us are not quite so blind.

  6. I’m gammon and not at all left – but I’ll be proud to march with you at the next one. So good to see the youngsters there.

    1. This is what’s exciting me the most, seeing people of different political persuasions coming together despite the constant and relentless divide-and-conquer tactics to get people horizontally divided. That’s when it becomes problematic for the ruling elite, hence the disgusting laws being/in the process of being enacted in the Five Eyes western nations to turn us all into “domestic terrorists”.

  7. Libertarian right-leaning lockdown sceptic here, good to have you with us! This is now a long way beyond traditional left or right. Johnson and his gang are fascist psychopaths. The tweet highlighted in the article claiming “half of the marchers will be hospitalised in a fortnight” is evidence of clinical insanity.

    1. To be more accurate, you saying “Johnson and his gang are fascist psychopaths” is evidence of clinical insanity – and I say that as someone who thinks this government is utterly loathsome.

  8. Interesting post.Refreshing to read someone from the left who has the perspective that working class people have been utterly shafted by lockdown,because they have and very few in the elitist Labour grouping in Parliament seem to care.
    From the kids kept out of school,to the closing of park swings,to the loss of jobs ,to sometimes being stuck in accommodation that’s inadequate …….I could go on.

    The point is that it’s not the MPs with second homes that have suffered this last year.Its everyone else.

    I particularly enjoyed your description of winter.As someone who works in the NHS its very apt.

  9. Thanks for the excellent and inspiring account. 50 years earlier to the date, 4/24/71, there were huge twin marches against the Vietnam War in Washington DC and San Francisco. I attended the latter, my first anti-war demo ( at age 23), was a bit late to turn against the war for my generation, but i stuck with my new political turn since then. Too bad that many of those who went that day and have been politically active subsequently are totally quiescent and passive in the face of a massive lurch in the police state, globally. London reminds us that the resistance is still alive.

    1. Ninety-nine point nine per cent of your fellow demonstrators from those days would despair at the libertarian and reactionary stance you take on this crucial public health issue today.

      As the Stones said: what a drag it is getting old….

        1. It is indeed.

          As if you, a wild-eyed, paranoid, sociopathic, conspiracy theorist would know anyway….

        1. The more people die, the happier you are.

          And you don’t give a damn about the possibility of the NHS toppling over because of the number of cases?

          Your arrogance and selfishness are both off the scale….

          Thank goodness society is totally ignoring you and the likes of you.

  10. And the coverage in the Morning Star (The Peoples Daily ROFL) was ………

    Standing shoulder to shoulder with the BBC and the Davos Billionaires.

    Funny old world.

    Great turnout, great mix of people, a far cry from the first one i went to last june, which involved about 50 people outside Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith.

    As a Union Branch Official and activist, we are already now gearing up to try and fight employers demands for “Covid Vaccination Certificates” .

    The broader Left really need to wake up sharpish or find themselves on the wrong side of history.

  11. fascinating site, would recommend it to everyone but the majority would turn hostile. it seems fear is now a virtue, bravery a vice.

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