Building Momentum in the Freedom Movement: Activism, Outreach and Strategy

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Left Lockdown Sceptics invites you to our fourth in-person meeting which will be held, for the first time, outside the capital – in Manchester.

The focus of the event will be learning from the vibrant grassroots pro-freedom movement that has bloomed in the North since the first Lockdown, in response to the societal restrictions and mandates which have harmed and impoverished ordinary people, whilst bolstering the illegitimate wealth, power and control of the billionaire global elite. This predominantly working class resistance movement follows an honourable tradition of radical challenges to unjust societal conditions which have fomented in the city of Manchester, from Trade Unionism to Marxist theory to women’s suffrage

We will also be discussing how to forge forward and co-create a more human and humane alternative to the 4th industrial revolution, in a shifting political climate of a de-escalation of Covid fear based narratives, and escalation of geopolitical ones. 

Our panel of speakers will include founding members of:

  • The ‘Rebels On Roundabouts’ outreach, initiated in Stockport and now a national phenomenon. 
  • Rossendale Socialists
  • ‘The Light’ alternative ‘truth paper’ and creator of the ‘Stick The New World Order Up Your Arse’ hit song. 
  • The ‘Freedom Alliance’ political party 


  • Peter Ford ex UK ambassador to Syria 

Issues we will explore on the day include:  

  • The most effective ways of reaching those both in and outside of leftist politics/communities with a truthful understanding of current events.
  • Campaigning for better alternatives both within and outside of the party political system.
  • The role of alternative media, journalism and counter culture in evading censorship, building class solidarity and shared understandings and goals. 
  • How to respond to shifts in narratives, the changing rationale behind draft of authoritarian/anti democratic rights legislation and where to focus our ‘pro freedom efforts’ over the coming year.  
  • Protecting children from mRNA injections.
  • How do we respond to the military escalation in Ukraine.

The central Manchester venue is very accessible, being no more than 5-10 minutes walk from Chorlton and Shudehill coach stations and Manchester Piccadilly rail and bus stations. The venue is suitable for those in wheelchairs. Please register your interest early to avoid missing out as places are limited. 

We look forward to welcoming you on the day!

When: Saturday 2 April. 1:30- 5:00pm.

Social: 5:45-late

Where: Manchester city centre. Venue will be emailed to ticket holders.

Cost: £7. £3.50 unwaged

Places limited! To reserve yours, email

If you are a new attendee to our events, please include a brief introduction and let us know why you would like to attend.

4 thoughts on “Building Momentum in the Freedom Movement: Activism, Outreach and Strategy

  1. Hello,
    Having been involved in Rebels around Schools, Rebels on Roundabouts, Banners on Bridges and various visits to the northern cities, along with London, I would like to broaden my knowledge to enable me to spread the word to more parents and disillusioned people I meet.

  2. I am unable to attend although I would dearly like to. Can you please ensure that a full transcript of what is said is available for those who cannot attend?

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